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The first thing Toshi was aware of, in a vague, almost-still-asleep sort of way, was that he was uncomfortable. He shifted, hoping it would be more comfortable and he could slip back into the embrace of sleep. Instead, it sent a spike of pain through him and he was far more decidedly awake, much to his misfortune. He still hurt, and he could actually remember why. Some inconsiderate asshole had shot him. And even if he'd missed the most important bits - heart, lungs, major arteries - getting shot still hurt like hell.

He tried to shift again, and gave up with a hiss of pain. "Fuck."
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It's rare that there's any sort of real privacy in Liminal Space, so when it decides to temporarily become a maze of run-down hotel corridors with rooms to match, Toshi actually feels almost cheerful for once. The rooms look clean, too, if old and careworn. There's a bland painting of a vase of flowers over the bed, although Toshi had to draw the curtains on the one window, because the almost cartoonish landscape outside with a purple sun and sky blue trees was making him feel motion sick. His jacket is already draped over the one chair in the room, and once the 'outside' is dealt with, he undoes the tie and shirt, too, leaving them on one edge of the bed. The lines of accumulated scars, new and old, are a pale web against his tanner skin. He's lucky - he doesn't scar badly, and he caught the worst of that explosion all those years ago with the arm shielding his face rather than his face itself.

Still, his line of work, past and present - it leaves marks. The newest is the clean line across his right bicep, still pinkish-red despite the magical healing, though he knows it will fade. The oldest is an almost-invisible patch of paler skin on one elbow, care of a sidewalk and childhood. Others, perhaps, were more obvious. His left shoulder was the worst of it, and probably always would be - a patchwork of surgical scars, skin grafts, and shrapnel pockmarks. The latter speckled his chest and face, too, though not nearly as badly. Then there were the ones he didn't like dwelling on - the thin, clean lines of the precise incisions he'd woken up with on Mobeius.
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a. [Something about this place doesn't feel quite right. Like he knows that he's dreaming, but he sure as fuck doesn't know this place. Looks like the gardens in Nephele, but... bigger. More impressive. Like they'd decided one wasn't enough and just piled more on top - trees and flowers and fancy little open buildings that probably had a name he didn't know. But in sort of a nice way. Helps that all the paths are even, and there are plenty of benches. One of which he's sitting on, for the moment.]

b. [This bar is almost the same as the last six they've passed through, though with slightly better booze. Nowhere near as bad as some of the dives in the Lower City, but everything past the Perblanches was rough. Rural, Felix would probably say. If he felt like talking and not being a total asshole at the same time, which was getting to be a pretty fucking rare combination. A part of Mildmay's not sure how to feel about this, but he could get used to not having to worry if half the bar is going to jump him as soon as he walks in the door.

He's got a drink and a deck of cards he picked up Kethe knows how many towns ago - they're okay on money right now, so maybe he can just fucking relax for once.

Of course, if the people at the table in the back escalate their argument into an actual fight, that could get dicey.]
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[It's warm enough in the Gardens - early fall still, and the sun is out, though some of the leaves have begun to change color. Nonetheless, Thamuris has a heavy, light-colored shawl wrapped around his thin shoulders against even the slightest chill. He's perched at the foot of a tree, in a little bit of shade. He's not quite paying attention to the world around him - whether it's because he's lost in thought or if it's the laudanum isn't clear]
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Shunsui liked to think of his pink haori as his trademark. All the captains had one. Yama-jii had his staff, Kenpachi had the bells, Unohana-sempai had the braid, and so on. Shunsui liked to think that his pink haori made him stand out, communicated his impeccable sense of smile and his fun-loving nature.

Jyuushiko said it mostly made people wonder why he wore a piece of woman's clothing all the time. But then again, she'd given him the first pink haori as a joke, so it was entirely her fault. (That one had met its untimely end during a particularly nasty little civil war that had broken out in Seireitei over fifteen hundred years ago. A pity really; he'd never been able to find another one he liked so much.)

Still, just because he liked his haori in particular and pink in general didn't mean that he didn't have plenty of clothing in other hues. His closet was a riot of color, in fact, with quite a few kimonos he'd probably never worn but bought because they caught his eye. Today, he'd chosen a rather old-fashioned but warm kimono in forest green with a pattern of reeds and clouds. As he walked through the gates of Thirteenth and up to Ukitake's quarters, he called out, "Hey, Jyuu~! I'm dying of loneliness out here!"
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[There is a new rice cooker in the apartment. The previous (ancient) one had met it's demise in a fizzle of sparks from the cord and much swearing, and had summarily been replaced. The new one is very white, very shiny, and has roughly three times the buttons on it that the old one had.

Hijikata has decided, in honor of this, he will actually cook dinner at home. Dinner that isn't half from a box.

Unfortunately, the rice cooker is proving to be A Problem]
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[Even after all these years, Jyuushiko rarely tires of the crowd of family that constantly haunts Ugendo. She's actually been even more grateful than usual for the presence, right now - the children are a welcome distraction from ruminating over everything she has had to put aside for the moment, for the duties she is neglecting in Seireitei.

Not that she had much choice - 'indefinite medical leave', and Retsu had that look in her eyes that said she was perfectly willing to do things by force, if necessary. Here at least, she could do some things - watch the children, help advice her brothers, assist the cooks with dinner preparations. Nothing too taxing, but it was enough. Even if she did miss the company of her friends in Seireitei - there were visits now and then, but there was work to be done there, too.]
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Sep. 3rd, 2010 04:13 pm
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This is a master HMD post for all of my characters. Comments, compliments, criticisms and questions about my characterization? Feel free to post them here! Anon is enabled, and comments are screened.

My list of character journals can be found here, and if you would like to contact me in a different way to discuss characterizations, or you'd like to reach me about non HMD-stuff, my contact information can be found here.
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The sky was as blue as a silk scarf. Only the faintest flush of peach clung to the horizon above the black line of trees. The moon was a sliver of light, the thin cut of a razor. The stars were already bright, but night was just beginning. Like black ink on wet paper, the darkness had just begun to bleed down from the zenith of the sky, quickly eating into the blue.  Soon there would be nothing but black, horizon to horizon, a hand folding over the earth.

In her own hand she held a lantern, one of the new expensive electric kinds. It cast more favorable shadows as she scanned the ground for wood. Oh yes, she had told him she needed to gather wood, but in truth she also needed to clear her head. Get out on her own for a bit.

tl;dr, ttly more words here )
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[Retsu was tired.

No. That wasn't true. Retsu was utterly, bone-wearily exhausted.

It has been a week since Aizen fell. One of the worst weeks Retsu ever remembered in her long, long life. Yamamoto-soutaichou had fallen, along with three other captains, and several others were still in critical condition. She was one of the only people still capable of leading, yet she was also desperately needed in the healing ward.

She wasn't sure anymore how many days it had been since she slept. Shinigami were capable of going much longer without sleep than ordinary souls or mortals, but she was still reaching her limit. She glanced around and leaned against a doorpost for a moment, closing her eyes before she went into Jyuushiko's room.

It had taken all Retsu's considerable skill to save Jyuushiko. The blond arrancar had put a hole right through her chest, and there had been complications...Retsu still wasn't sure how fully her friend would recover. And Kyouraku Shunsui was still in critical condition in the room across the hall.

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes, passing through the kido barrier and going to Jyuushiko's bedside to see how she was doing.]


Aug. 12th, 2010 05:02 am
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[From the looks of it, Souji has just finished some practice - the bokuto are put away neatly, but he hasn't bothered getting changed yet. He's sitting out on the porch, still wearing his hakama and gi, hair tied up off his neck. He fans himself with one hand - it's a bit hot today for training, but he didn't want to waste a string of good days just because the weather was uncooperative.

Come bother him?]
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[Jyuushiko has been waiting here at least three hours now - Retsu has already come by once to ask if she'd rather just rest in her own room and be called when Shunsui finally woke up, but she wanted to be here, this time. With any luck his fever had broken enough that they could talk, at least.

The wheelchair was a concession to Retsu - one she had to somewhat grudgingly admit was necessary after her first attempt at walking to Shunsui's room had ended rather abruptly less than halfway through with her curled on the floor, racked with coughs that brought up blood. Still, she could have done without the reminder of her current continued infirmity. The blanket tucked in around her lap only makes her feel more like an old woman, even though she knows right now she'd be shivering otherwise.

Still, she knows Shunsui will not judge her weaknesses, which is a small relief. Of course, he'd have to wake up, first.]


Jun. 9th, 2010 01:15 am
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[Lisa has found a nice, quiet place to read. Free of whaletooth-idiots distractions. Yeah, that's probably porn she's got. Yeah, she'll share if you ask nicely - later. Right now she's enjoying the relative peace.

Clearly, something needs to be done about that]
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[Ukitake is waiting on the porch outside the 13th division headquarters, pack on the ground beside him, and, typically cup of tea in hand. There's an extra cup and a small pot on the other side of him, waiting for his companion. He's his usual calm, cheerful self, although he's not wearing his captain's haori at the moment, and this morning is hair is pulled back into a ponytail.]
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By far the easiest way to get ahold of me. I'm usually signed on at least all afternoon and evening, and sometimes in the mornings if I have classes, or after midnight if I don't. Feel free to leave a message if I'm set to away - generally I'll be checking still, but working on something else at the same time and thus spending time afk. Don't hesitate to message, either! I'm kind of a shy person so I can be nervous about messaging strangers, but I'm very chill, so if you want to clarify something, or plot, or just chat fandom, I'm always up for it.

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Jyuushirou looked around their drop-off point with a certain amount of trepidation - while he had grown up in the city, he was at least passingly familiar with the forests that sprawled on the outskirts, and this was nothing like them. They were truly in the middle of nowhere. This had been the exercise he was fearing the most. He couldn't beg off, of course - not if he wanted to be seen as equal to the other cadets. It had been a hard enough fight just getting in to the academy, and he didn't want to push his luck any further. Still, two days would be pushing his endurance. The last few weeks had been relatively good - they hadn't hit really hit the season for colds quite yet, for which he was very thankful - but he wasn't quite comfortable with the thought of just relying luck alone out here.

He glanced over at his partner for the training. They hadn't really spoken on the flight over - none of the class had, partially because everyone was nervous, and partially because the instructor overseeing it was one of the more notorious ones. Still, he knew the name - and the reputation. Shunsui Kyouraku, academy flirt. He suppressed a small sigh. He was probably not going to be the most helpful person to have along here. Still, it didn't hurt to at least try to be friendly. He forced a smile and glanced over at the other cadet. "Look familiar to you?" he asked with a hint of amused irony.
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